Spa Vacations
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Spa Vacations

Name № of seats area, m² Paid Characterization Equipment
Spa complex 5 120 Procedures: obhortuvannya body, restoring procedure for the back, alchemical salt exfoliation for the body aromovanny, hydrotherapy, omolozhuyuchi procedures for the face, anti-cellulite program, jet shower, a variety of massages, solarium, etc.. spa capsule, starvaks
10 300 phytobar with a wide assortment of teas and natural honey, fresh juices. freshnitsya and thermal capacity
Pools treatment and recovery with a waterfall hydro and aeromasazh

classic 3 x 8 with different depth

artificial current, lighting special effects
Saunas Russsian, Finnish, Turkish (hammam) with electric heating